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HALL x Odo is the beginning of a new journey for Chef Odo. With respect to seasonality of ingredients in Japanese tradition and modern culinary techniques, Chef Odo is exploring the perfect balance. HALL x Odo embodies the deepest appreciation of nature and creativity in culinary wonders.

HALL is a cafe by day, a cocktail/ wine bar by night, a space where we gather and enjoy quality food, beverages and music. Having urban dwellers’ fast-pace lifestyle in mind, we designed a well thought-out all-day menu for every patron. Our coffee beans are from various origins and freshly roasted in Brooklyn and upstate NY. We carefully select the most balanced blends and change out flavor seasonally. In evenings, our extensive wine and cocktail welcome all to enjoy a unique taste of their own or a classic.

HALL is casual, warm, yet consistent and sophisticated, therefore we refuse to define it. One can have  their respective definition of which depicts comfort and satisfaction through individual experiences. The interior by renowned designer harmoniously integrates 1950/60’s classic elements and modern style of simplicity, featuring demonstrative turquoise marble counter and antique wood panels. The aesthetic value of HALL appears to be effortless, and yet conveys a sense of depth and durability.